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Dear Friend,

In John C. Maxwell's recent book, No Limits, the introduction reads, "We often treat the word capacity as if it were a natural law of limitation.  Unfortunately, most of us are much more comfortable defining what we perceive as off-limits rather than what's really possible.  Could it be that many of us have failed to expand our potential because we have allowed what we perceive as capacity to define us?  What if our limits are not really our limits?"

What if your limits are not really your limits?

Like John Maxwell, I can tell you that abilities and choices make up your capacity.  How far do you want to take your health and vitality, performance and success?

​We all have the potential for outstanding health, vitality, performance and success. The problem is, many of us struggle to achieve comfortable mediocrity at best.

Increase your potential and you will increase you capacity.  Increase your capacity and you will exceed your own expectations.

This is NOT for Everyone


Why? Because not everyone is willing to do what’s necessary to accomplish extraordinary health, vitality, performance and success.  If you're idea of of an awesome life is working crazy hours in a week in work that doesn’t excite you while you maintain unhealthy lifestyle habits and let "nature take its course" on your vitality, and you let relationships and other areas of your life suffer, then what my company, team and I offer is definitely NOT for you.

Who Am I and Why Should You Care?

My name is Monique-Bilodeau-Nestmann, founder of Essence Vitality, holistic health practitioner, John Maxwell coach, speaker and trainer, a leader in my industry, and the most enthusiastic, caring and practical practitioner, coach, mentor and teacher you'll ever meet.

It's hard not to get passionate about health, vitality, performance and success with a background like mine.  As Jordan Ruban says, "I can speak with authority on nutrition, disease, and health (and success) not because I have "paid my dues" academically (though I have), but because I have personally survived the torturous walk through the valley of disease and death and emerged triumphant!"

The big, bold, and courageous choices I have made throughout the past two decades combined with an unstoppable drive for success has changed my life forever.  I am passionate about using my experience, passion and expertise to transform the lives of those whom I work with.

By unlocking my greatest potential and capacity for life I am able to teach others to do the same.  I have worked with people from across Canada, the USA, and more recently Mexico, and the one thing that is common in every single case, is that if someone is truly willing to maximize their life, regardless of their circumstances, they ABSOLUTELY can.

As I said in my video, "Daily life is filled with choices and it is those choices that mold the world around you.  Great health, vitality and performance is a choice. Choose it.  Commit to it. Maximize it." 

Here Is My Proposition to You Today

If… you are serious about substantially redefining your health, vitality, performance or success and improving the quality of your life, AND you’re willing to be open minded enough to new ideas – many of which could be challenging, counter intuitive and may even contradict what you’ve learned, assumed and believed to be true about health, vitality, performance and success in the past…

And… you’re willing to make a commitment to yourself... to try something new... Strategies that have proven to be effective...  AND you’re willing to IMPLEMENT what you will learn...

Then… please accept my warm and very personal invitation to gain FREE access to the astonishingly effective strategies that have served as the foundation for my extraordinary health and success achievements throughout the past two decades, and get them working for you in your life IMMEDIATELY!

This is ENTIRELY COMPLIMENTARY and A GREAT STARTING POINT to see if working with me or my team personally is actually a fit for you.

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Here's to chasing your health, living your dreams, and experiencing even more success and fulfillment in your daily life!


​Monique Bilodeau-Nestmann