Our big, bold and courageous choices and an unstoppable drive for success changed my life forever.

It's hard not to get passionate about health, healing, and being the best you can be with a background like mine.  As Jordan Ruban says, "I can speak with authority on nutrition, disease, and health not because I have "paid my dues" academically (though I have), but because I have personally survived the torturous walk through the valley of disease and death and emerged triumphant!"  

By unlocking my greatest potential for life I am able to teach others to do the same.  I have worked with people from across Canada, the USA, and more recently Mexico, and the one thing that is common in every single case, is that if someone is truly willing to maximize their life, regardless of their circumstances, they ABSOLUTELY can.

Daily life is filled with choices and it is those choices that mold the world around you.  Great health, vitality and performance is a choice.  Choose it.  Commit to it.  Maximize it. 

It is my mission in life since my recovery to inspire and empower people to maximize their overall health so that they can experience a life of unlimited possibilities.  I truly have an unwavering passion and belief that everyone can live their greatest capacity for health, vitality and performance.  

So what are you waiting for?  Go chase your health, live your dreams, and experience life unlimited!


"My mission is to inspire and empower people to maximize their overall potential so that they can experience a life of unlimited possibilities."

(Monique C. Bilodeau-Nestmann)

We had cracked our own code for health and healing and experiencing a life of great possibilities (finally)!



Everything we did brought a certain level of success.  No matter how hard things got at times, we had a firm sense of knowing that I would achieve success NO MATTER WHAT.

After committing to doing whatever it took to heal, my spine started to straighten little by little.  Eventually, I was able to ditch my body brace forever and I would never again worry that I needed surgery for my spine.  My learning abilities improved and I went from a special needs student to the "teacher".  I hit my stride and my family and I never looked back!

I went on to succeed at everything I possibly could and collect every diploma or certificate on the menu:
-Fitness Instructor
-Massage Therapist
-CranioSacral Practitioner
-Visceral Manipulation Practitioner
-Lymph Drainage Practitioner
-Manual Brain Therapy Practitioner
-Holistic Nutrition

-Sports Nutrition

-Nutritional Cooking & Fermentation
-John C. Maxwell Coach, Trainer, Public Speaker

-and more...

There were no two ways about it- my family and I opted for something different.  We chose to figure out how to have total health and recovery.  We dared to go beyond the condemnation of my diagnosis and invest ourselves completely in finding our own solution.  

Of course there were countless ups and downs.  Overcoming a debilitating disease is no easy task.  The truth of the matter is it is absolutely devastating in every possible way.

I'll never forget those days of wearing a NASA technology body brace 18 hours a day, chiropractic treatments three times per week, eating enough supplements to be a meal in itself... Whatever we needed to do we did!

It was crazy and it was dramatic.

On top of it, some people in our closest circles were relentless in criticism because they could not get what we were really doing. They said we were overboard with health, but what they were really saying was “I truly don't understand the value of what you're doing and I don't believe it's necessary for me to go to that extent with my own health.”  That was painful and frustrating, because honestly it's not always easy standing alone with little to no respect or support from others.  B
ut no matter what, we always chose to chase hope.

More than twenty years ago I found myself in a hopeless situation...

I spent my entire childhood being sick to one degree or another.  I guess you could say that it all started at birth.  I was a forceps baby and the doctor

accidentally fractured my skull.  Imagine the headache I probably had after that. My screaming was non-stop - was it from my massive birth trauma or severe colic?  Who knows.  But it definitely made for a lot of sleepless nights!

At six weeks, my problems continued and so, under the advice of a good-intentioned doctor, my mom quit breast-feeding me and put me on cow's milk (which I actually was allergic to and which caused a whole host of other problems).  At three months old I nearly died in my mom's arms.   

Could my life circumstances get any worse?

By the time I hit the middle of elementary school I weighed maybe 60ish lbs, my digestion system was totally dysfunctional, I had suffered a bad reaction to a vaccine, and my spine had a slight curve in it (scoliosis).  My ability to learn suffered significantly because my bad health absolutely influenced the function of my brain.  But I think my self-esteem suffered more, especially when my teachers put me in a special needs learning program.

​This downward spiral continued until I hit rock bottom in 1996.  I was diagnosed with a severe case of scoliosis and deteriorating organs.  There was no hope of recovery.  The only solution prescribed was a body brace and surgery on my spine.  As we investigated the "success" of this type of surgery we were horrified to find out what could happen if the procedure went wrong.  One girl we spoke to had her spinal cord accidentally severed during surgery and was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life.  Another woman we met showed us the holes in her back from where the metal rods that were screwed to her spine broke and had popped out through her skin. Can you imagine?

WE TRUSTED IN GOD, LOVE, AND THE STRENGTH OF DESIRE & the power of believing in something more





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unwavering passion for living life unlimited!


​I went from sick & learning challenged to



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Upper two photos: Actual photos of Monique C. Bilodeau-Nestmann's scoliosis and body brace in 1996.

Bottom photo: Depiction of a topical view of what her scoliosis would have looked like in 1996.