According to Dr. Josh Axe, expert professional, in order to successfully repair your gut and get back to optimal living, you must follow this five-step program:

1-  REMOVE- you need to remove everything that is harmful to your body: 

  • wheat and other grains
  • commercial cow's milk
  • sugar, hydrogenated oils
  • GMO foods
  • toxic chemicals (ie. toxic household cleaners, toxic body care products, etc.)

2-  RESEED- you need to seed your gut with good bacteria:

  • seed your gut with good bacteria 

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  • spend time walking barefoot outside
  • shop at your local farmer's market for fresh produce
  • play with your dog or ride a horse
  • consume 1 Tbsp. of raw honey daily
  • dig in the soil of your garden
  • swim in the ocean and freshwater lakes
  • consume two servings daily of fermented foods

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  • eat medicinal mushrooms (ie. shiitake) and green algae (ie. spirulina)
  • All of these opportunities for dirt micro-exposures help to continuously replenish and nourish bacteria that are sloughed off each day, keeping them well fed and happy.

3-  RESTORE- you need to restore your gut by eating the following foods:

  • organic fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts and other organic products, wherever possible
  • bone broth

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  • cultured dairy (ie. kefir)
  • fermented vegetables and beverages

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  • coconut products
  • wild-caught salmon
  • sprouted seeds and high-fiber foods

4-  RELEASE- one of the biggest causes of leaky gut is emotional and mental stress.  Here are some things you can do to reduce stress today and begin healing your gut:

  • get a massage, reflexology, PEMF magnetic therapy, LED light therapy, craniosacral
  • do something active
  • have a warm glass of chamomile tea
  • read something uplifting
  • use essential oils
  • try a magnesium supplement- helps to relieve tense muscles and headaches
  • listen to music
  • go "forest bathing"- go for a walk in the woods and take many deep breaths

5-  RESEAL- heal leaky gut and use good practices to keep it closed as long as possible.  So, that means:

  • probiotics- most important part of resealing

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  • digestive enzymes- helps breakdown and digest food

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  • L-glutamine- an essential amino acid with anti-inflammatory qualities
  • licorice root- supports adrenal glands and is especially beneficial for those dealing with leaky gut that's being exacerbated by emotional stress
  • collagen- contains amino acids proline and glycine which are essential building blocks to repair a damaged intestinal lining
  • frankincense- effective essential oil in treating leaky gut syndrome
  • other beneficial supplements that may help in healing leaky gut include: colostrum powder, slippery elm, aloe vera juice, chamomile, MSM


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