​​I cannot say enough good words about Essence Vitality.  If you want to thrive in your life, come see Monique and her team.  You'll get the best care possible by truly golden-hearted people.  They've changed my life.

Essence Vitality stands for integrity, wholesome living, and empowering people from the inside out.  They've put together a wide offer of different modalities to maximize people's lives starting from optimizing cellular health to coaching personal and professional development.

Monique and her team have saved me more than once.  I'm so glad I got to go see her  the day after a whiplash from a car accident.  I'm convinced she's prevented me from long lasting damage in my body with her Integrative CranioSacral Therapy.  Recently she took me into her care again after a chemical trauma manifested in my body.  With her "magical hands", she brought my system back to balance.  Before the treatment I was trapped in a permanent stress response, whereas now I have a relaxed brain and rested nervous system, pain free and able to function well again.  I can't describe what a difference it made!  I felt like getting my sanity back.  The Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) I received further enhanced the healing process.  I'm addicted to PEMF!  There's nothing better to get your flow and energy back.

Monique and her team enriched my life is so many areas.  She's an amazing, talented, caring, and generous coach.  When I was stuck and desperate in my life, she helped me getting back on my feet, showing me new ways, and giving me the support I needed.  Not only in my private life, but also as owner of Heart-Food Holistic Nutrition.  I learned so much from Monique about professional development as well as cutting edge knowledge about health.  I'm so grateful to have Essence Vitality in my life and never wanna be without them by my side." (Christiane Panesar, C.H.N.C.)



In request to feedback, I would like to say, I am most grateful for the treatment I received today! While resting I can reflect on the improvements made in area of liver, right hip, left side of neck, right shoulder and right knee and leg! I am feel like I can walk with better agility and am feeling better "balanced" in terms of left side/right side! I will seek out the item recommended to help with the injury in the medulla! I am looking forward to continued progress in my recovery from injuries sustained through sports and auto collision! Thank you again for your skills and talents in helping people in their recovery!​ (Jean Woeppel)


"Of all the different healing modalities I have seen, Essence Vitality offered the best healing in all areas of my life.  One of the reasons I came here was I knew that they cared about me and my health goals as much as I cared about my own health and family's health.  They really care about people and not everyone cares like that."  (Anonymous)  


Monique was informative and patient with our questions. The treatment was gentle and relaxing. I wish we would have gone to see her sooner. So glad to have this treatment and so blessed to have Monique's knowledge and gift of this kind of treatment. (Michelle Perrault)


"The COREScore scan supplied a lot of information on heart rate, muscle tone, and organs & glands." (Elaine Charest)


The information that Monique gave was excellent and I am very excited to start today. (Charlene Bishop)


Feel better after the PEMF treatment, noticed it most on my shoulder maybe it was in poorest condition.

(Nicole Aippersbach)


"My first treatment was amazing and when I got back to my car I could already feel the effects of what Monique balanced in my body. I felt like I could take a deeper breath than I had in a long time, and the locked up feeling in the middle of my back was released. It is very obvious to me that she is dedicated, knowledgable and passionate about what she does, and I am looking forward to future treatments.  I believe my husband will end up seeing her for treatment as well." (Anonymous)

Monique Bilodeau-Nestmann